Travis Thurston

Wayfair UX Design

Wayfair UX Design

The focus of this project was to challenge myself with heavy time constraints. My mission was to select a single page with Wayfair's website, identify the issues with it and develop a solution.

Selecting The Page

Navigation Problems

I discovered ambiguity and confusion when navigating around the Inspiration page. Breadcrumbs and current location were a problem. Tags were not always indicative of the associated category/room/etc.

Building Personas

Given my time constraint, I still wanted to build at least one persona to help me identify with someone who might trying to access information/products on Wayfair's site.

Setting Goals

This is where I gathered the data I had to map out the experience which I thought would be ideal from a particular user's perspective.

Mapping the out the consumer journey is empathizing with your user.

User Flows

Visualizing the before and after user flow to help understand what I wanted to accomplish.

Tying It All Together

Showcasing what I came up with for a prototype. It's a very low-fi prototype but I feel that with simple tweaks in the page structure/navigation, this page could improve the experience immensely for users.