Travis Thurston


Training for Frankfurt

I should probably announce that I've committed myself to running the Frankfurt Marathon on Oct. 29. I'm pretty excited about this as this will be my first marathon. Ever. I've been ramping up my training a little and trying to stick to the plan that Strava churned out for me.

I'm running about four days per week and trying to get into the gym for some traditional strength training at least two times per week. Long runs are on Sundays, Tuesdays through Thursdays are easy runs and speed work, cross-training is in between and rest days are on Mondays and Saturdays. Check out some of my latest runs here and follow along on my journey!

Strava just started a campaign for #athletesunfiltered too, which offers some great insight into the world of running. In my experience, the running community has always been filled with super inspirational, positive people. Getting into distance running has been one of the most fulfilling, uplifting things in my life that has helped me through times of depression, high stress and grief. It forces you to be extremely disciplined and teaches you that a lot of the obstacles we encounter are just our minds giving us the opportunity to persevere and overcome, helping to build resiliency and character.

Comment below and let me know what running means to you.