Travis Thurston


Sunday Funday

It was an absolute gorgeous Sunday to get out for a long, exploratory run. The hills were brutal as you can probably tell by my pace, but I know that they will pay off later. I've always loved running hills as they are paramount to a solid training program, but very overtly hated them at the exact moments I'm running them. I think most runners can relate to this.

Check out the run here and be sure to follow along if you're on Strava.

Also germane to a great training program is, of course, your diet. This leads me to touch on something that sort of gets me fired up, and that is the assumption or myth that eating healthy is expensive. This is absolutely not the case. I just spent 35€ on approximately a week's worth of food (huge bag of rice, pounds of sweet potatoes, tofu, black beans, peppers, onions, fruits, nuts, etc.). Even rounded up, we're talking maybe 200€ per month. That's not a huge amount for any one person and plus, it could possibly help save more money that is spent on medication and hospital bills directly related to a terrible diet, like inflammation of gastro conditions and a weakened immune system (things within your control, rather).

Eating healthy is not expensive. Full stop.

I've recently started to pay a lot more attention to what I'm putting inside my body and I've definitely noticed a difference in my overall energy and performance levels. I'm not full vegan (yet?) but if things keep going this well, that's a possibility.

Minding my diet has done a few things so far:

  1. I cook much more, and in turn, save a lot of money by not dining out. I'm constantly eating leftovers because I usually prepare meals like I'm feeding a small family of bears.
  2. I'm forced to be much more creative in the kitchen. I'm looking up new recipes, new techniques, etc. Broadening your skills in the kitchen is never a bad thing. If I'm ever a father, I'll be very proud to actually teach my children how to cook properly and not fall victim to the fast food lifestyle which is crippling society as a whole.
  3. My confidence has been boosted. From saving money to honing my kitchen skills, it's all just a massive influx of positive vibes.

In the future, I may start sharing some recipes on here. I do, however, post some on my IG account. Share your thoughts, recipes or feedback below.

Oh, and eat habaneros.