Travis Thurston


Wet & Dark

Well, I finally got off my ass and did something this week. Funny that it took a late, rainy night to do it. I ended up grabbing a good 6 miles, even though I started a bit slow.

Check out the run here and please follow if you're interested in becoming best running friends. I'm joking. Maybe not.

Running in inclement weather has always been something I've loved. I like to put myself in less than desirable conditions, if for nothing else, to challenge myself a bit. It's always empowering when you pump out a PR or just a good run in general in the middle of a rain storm or a blizzard.

One run I will always remember is when I got lost (on base) in Afghanistan at 4am in the middle of a blizzard. I ran right past a bunch of signs saying not to enter. I found myself with only a chainlink fence between me and the rest of the country. Huge snowflakes were gently falling with a visibility of only a few meters. I heard nothing but complete silence. I hadn't seen another human in a few miles. Then the prayer sirens started sounding off in the city closest to us. It was such an intense, eerie feeling. I was very glad to have that experience though.

Cheers to runs like that. I hope I have more. Let me know your most memorable run below!