Travis Thurston


Lost in the forest

I got lost in the forest last night.

I was just waiting to see some glowing eyes peering upon me through the subdued moonlit haze because, unfortunately, I forgot to bring my flashlight/headlamp with me. I did, however, have the GoPro so at the very least, I could have made an epic "when animals attack" video for someone else to find.

I meant to do a fast run but major calf problems ensued at mile 1. I made the decision to massage out what seemed to be just cramping issues and push forward. I had to stop a few additional times within the first 5 miles but after that, my calf issue sort of plateaued enough for me to continue on without stopping. I got in 10 miles at about a 9 min. pace, which is fine. I'll chalk it up to the "long easy run" category.

View the run here on Strava.

Precautions for Saftey

I always have an LED light clipped to my shoe for visibility in low light and carry (I guess not 100% of the time) a small flashlight. Sometimes, I'll take an ID and/or debit card in the case of an emergency. I'm curious to know what others take. Comment below!